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Released on December 15, 2020.

This version is focused on updating to the December feature drop from Google. It also improves upon the initial Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G support, and is the first version to feature original wallpapers (generously designed by Infinitum).


  • Updated to December feature drop and security patch
  • Added exclusive wallpapers created by Infinitum
  • Fixed lingering location and microphone indicators
  • Fixed some apps detecting root
  • Fixed blurry/low-resolution screenshots in recents overview
  • Tapping privacy indicators will now show active apps
  • Added permission usage dashboard in Settings
  • Tweaked memory management to hold more apps in the background
  • Fixed unexpected disconnects from weak 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks (stock bug)
  • Streamlined Settings search hierarchy
  • Reduced overnight battery drain caused by idle maintenance
  • Added a variety of Google Material and iOS accent colors
  • Fixed briefly visible lock screen after fingerprint unlock in most cases
  • Added support for microG UnifiedNlp location provider (as system app)
  • Added support for call recording (consult local laws before using)
  • Added SSH client and server with hardened config
  • Added volume panel expansion (LineageOS)
  • Fixed overlapping type clock on ambient display (BootleggersROM)
  • Added button to clear battery stats in Settings (AOSiP)
  • Added command-line tools for developers (some from LineageOS)
  • Fixed all known Active Edge bugs (Pixel 2)
  • Improved Active Edge integration (Pixel 2)
  • Added Live Captions, Now Playing, Adaptive Sound, and screen attention (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Added 5G adaptive connectivity (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Added full support for sub-6 5G networks (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Added full support for all carrier features supported by stock (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Added full eSIM support (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Added support for AptX Bluetooth audio codec (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Added stock offline charging animation and percentage (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Fixed Protected Confirmation (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Fixed Google Camera on non-gapps build (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Reduced touch latency and motion jitter at the cost of Deep Press (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Merged latest December 14 carrier fixes (Pixel 5, 4a 5G)
  • Added support for Pixel 4a 5G


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