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Released on October 7, 2020.

This is the first version to be called ProtonAOSP officially. It took the project from an informal set of AOSP patches to a full-blown custom ROM.


  • Updated to October security patch (fixes launcher gesture bugs)
  • Added Live Captions and Now Playing features from stock (works without gapps)
  • Added privacy indicators in status bar and quick settings (camera, microphone, location)
  • Improved quick settings and notification shade appearance (colors, details, etc.)
  • Removed big notification section headers to save space
  • Fixed uneven volume icon padding in status bar
  • Fixed full cellular functionality for all carriers (cellular data, Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE, visual voicemail)
  • Fixed Google apps and other Play Store quirks
  • Fixed SafetyNet without Magisk or custom kernel patches
  • Fixed fingerprint authentication in third-party apps
  • Added integration with Google services and apps (backups, nearby sharing, assistant, etc.)
  • Removed slow wakeup animation
  • Removed useless “USB connected” notification
  • Demoted ADB notification (can also be disabled manually now)
  • Improved night light calibration
  • Added subtle notification shade vibration from stock
  • Added option to disable camera laser autofocus in developer options
  • Fixed most notification shade lag caused by blur
  • Added memory usage to app info in Settings
  • Unlocked mobile network settings when airplane mode is on
  • Improved animation consistency in Settings
  • Expanded advanced settings by default in Settings
  • Adjusted default settings (sounds, brightness, and connectivity)
  • Shortened long carrier names in quick settings to avoid marquee when using Wi-Fi calling
  • Made emergency tile in power menu less distracting
  • Removed useless profile header in Settings -> About phone
  • Enabled conversation notifications for popular chat apps
  • Updated Files UI from stock
  • Added firmware for easy flashing
  • Flattened APEX modules for faster boot and better performance
  • Added the ability to add/remove QS tiles by tapping

Other changes

  • Enabled advanced NFC features (MiFare and secure card emulation)
  • Reverted to NTP time syncing for more accurate time
  • Switched to Eamon’s LineageOS vendor and firmware
  • Tweaked memory pinning config to improve performance and reduce memory usage
  • Added ProtonAOSP version to Settings
  • Improved blur consistency in recents overview
  • Forced dark bootloader splash to complement boot animation
  • Disabled inconsistent overscroll bouncing in some views


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