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Released on November 8, 2020.

This version is focused on improving the out-of-the-box experience by refining the system UI and updating default apps. Many highly requested customization features have also added. It is the first version to support the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G devices, shortly after they were released.


  • Updated to November security patch
  • Merged system updates from Pixel 5
  • Added full, customizable Active Edge support for Pixels
  • Adjusted ripple animation for better responsiveness
  • Revamped power menu with a blurred background
  • Added theming with accent colors, icon shapes, launcher grids, and Pixel 5 icon packs
  • Added analog, bubble, and word (type) clock styles
  • Added Google feed and At a Glance integration to launcher
  • Added cards & passes integration
  • Added Digital Wellbeing integration
  • Improved Google Assistant integration
  • Updated most default apps from LineageOS
  • Refined dark mode UI
  • Refined Settings UI (similar to Pixel Settings)
  • Revamped clock app UI
  • Refined calculator app UI and added haptic feedback
  • Added package name to app details in Settings
  • Removed annoying or inconsistent prompts in Settings
  • Removed “outdated app” prompt
  • Unlocked full screen space for old apps
  • Fixed inability to clear data of some apps (e.g. Google app)
  • Fixed missing italic condensed fonts
  • Updated font rendering library to fix CVE-2020-15999 vulnerability
  • Updated WebView to Chromium 86 for performance and security
  • Temporarily re-enabled FUSE to fix Google Photos backup and Pixel 5 issues
  • Added support for Pixel 5
  • Pixel 2: Added compatibility with flashable gapps
  • Pixel 2: Fixed Now Playing
  • Pixel 2: Fixed SafetyNet upgrading to hardware attestation


Factory images

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