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Released on September 20, 2020.

This is the initial version of ProtonAOSP that started the project, before it had an official name. It was a small collection of improvements on Android 11 back when it was first released.


  • Better performance than stock
  • Enhanced typography (harmonious font selection)
  • iOS blue accent color & dark theme colors
  • New open-source Active Edge implementation written from scratch (currently force-enabled at medium sensitivity to take a screenshot on squeeze; settings will be added soon)
  • UI tweaks from the Pixel stock ROM
  • 3-row quick settings when no media is playing
  • Glass blur in the notification shade and recents overview (with performance & quality tweaks)
  • Up to 40x faster shared internal storage (emulated SD card) than stock Android 11, same as Android 10
  • Instant screenshots with key combination
  • Improved UI performance using Vulkan rendering backend
  • Signature spoofing support for microG
  • Internet & sensor permission controls from GrapheneOS
  • Minor security hardening from GrapheneOS (nothing that hurts performance much)
  • Screenshot preview dismisses faster and is cleared before taking a new screenshot

Other changes made to AOSP

  • LineageOS calculator and browser apps
  • Triple-buffering (thanks to @kerneltoast)
  • Verizon visual voicemail support
  • Ugly quick search bar removed
  • Dark theme and crash fixed in Settings search
  • Unlocking required to mess with quick settings on lock screen
  • Ambient display disabled by default
  • Safe volume disabled for all countries
  • Simple boot animation that doesn’t slow down boot (thanks to Pixel True)
  • Default “Lines” wallpaper (thanks to Zan Cerne and Arabi Ishaque)
  • Allowed v1 APK signatures to fix older F-Droid apps (temporary)
  • Full gesture navigation as default navigation mode
  • Builds with and without gapps (thanks to @Eamo5 and luca020400)

Known bugs

  • Wi-Fi calling (at least on T-Mobile)


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