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Released to patrons on October 10, 2021 and publicly on October 31.


  • Updated to Android 12
  • October security patch
  • Customizable dynamic theme engine for Material You using modern color science
  • New responsive ripple animation inspired by Fluent Design
  • Dual-tone light/dark quick settings and notification shade UI
  • Light/dark power menu themed with dynamic colors
  • Launcher widget and popup menu item colors based on underlying wallpaper area
  • 7-day usage history for all permissions in privacy dashboard
  • Lock screen clock and PIN keypad typography hand-tweaked for Inter font
  • High-quality color blending and surface color generation
  • Subpixel text positioning for better kerning and reduced animation jitter
  • Vulkan UI renderer for performance
  • Faster light/dark theme transition
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi and cellular data QS tiles from Android 11
  • New privacy indicators for location, camera, and microphone
  • Seamless font weight animations on lock screen and ambient display
  • Rounded Material You UI similar to Pixel stock
  • Camera and microphone privacy toggles
  • Face-based auto rotation
  • One-handed mode with notification shade pull-down gesture
  • New Strange Dimension wallpapers by Infinitum (including default wallpaper)
  • New photographic wallpapers from elementary OS collection
  • New logo by Andraz and boot animation by Diab
  • Performance and privacy improvements from ProtonAOSP 11
  • App runtime and low memory killer optimizations from latest AOSP
  • Sensor and network permission control
  • Button to log out of secondary users without restarting (GrapheneOS)
  • Restored USB mode notification
  • Fixed rare gestural navigation bug after wiping data
  • Fixed SafetyNet attestation failures after September 2
  • Play services compatibility: Support for geolocation API (buggy)
  • Play services compatibility: Fixed many app crashes (GrapheneOS)
  • Pixel 4 XL: Refined rounded corners in notification shade