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First steps

Once you have ProtonAOSP installed, you don’t need to do anything else. The OS works entirely by itself. Enjoy!

You may find it helpful to explore options for Google services.


If you want to explore all the features, here are some suggestions:

  • Check out the wallpapers, clocks, accent colors, and more theming options in Settings -> Display -> Styles & wallpapers
  • Block internet access for apps that don’t need it
  • Try both the light and dark themes
  • Try all the ringtone, alarm, or notification sounds included out-of-the-box

Most of ProtonAOSP’s improvements work seamlessly in the background, bringing. That means you don’t need to change anything — just flash and forget. See Features for a list of differences to look for.


For security, consider re-locking the bootloader to enforce verified boot, which improves physical security and resistance to persistent attacks.

Advanced users

If you are an advanced user, you may be interested in rooting.